Types of Fences

Rustic Wooden Fences
This type of fence is more affordable since the materials are cheaper. It can be erected in all areas, depending on what is desired by the individual, and what hazards are within the premises where it is to be erected, such as fire risks and falling trees. If the fence is to be painted or varnished, bear in mind this more coating will be needed because of the rough, unfinished nature of the timber.

Rustic wood can be supplied as pickets or panels as well. 

PLACES: Anywhere it is desired by the individual

Planed Wood Fences
This type of fence is a bit more expensive because it is smoothly finished. Less varnish or paint is required. Can be supplied in pickets or panels as well. 

PLACES: Anywhere the client required

Picket Fences
Very attractive because of its shape, and more expensive because of the effort to Manufacture the pickets. 

Available in prefabricated panels as well

Places: Around houses, pre-schools, small zoos without big animals and other places where it is desired to be

Lattice Fencing
Often used in worm farms, jungle structures, height extensions on top of existing walls, or as fencing in own right (lattice gates are also available) 

Commonly used as trellis work to enhance gardens.

Palisade Fences
This type of fence is stronger than wooden fences, and not as vulnerable to fire risk and falling trees. It is however a more expensive alternative. 

Places: Train stations, terminuses, schools, domestic purposes

Welded mesh and other wire fences
Welded mesh and other wire fences Useful in places where visibility and security is important, such as pre-schools and schools, tennis courts, roadways and other similar locations

Creeper Trellis
This is mostly used in gardens or around pools and some other places which are within already fenced or secured premises. These fences, when polyester powder coated, have good rust resistance. 

Most of the fences can have razor wire or spikes added, and can be integrated to electric fences and alarm systems (although we do not specialise in electric fences).

Other wood works
We also do other carpentry work. Please contact us with your requirements.